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dilluns, 9 de juny de 2014



Against the current

This book talks about the story of an enthusiastic, courageous and optimistic woman whose dreams always come true, Carme Adell. She is a real inspiration to anyone who meets her, she seems to be able to see everything in a positive way, her life has been a constant source of encouragement to many people. She is able to live her life on his own way and swim upstream in order to follow her inspiration and dreams: sport, kayak and traveling. She shows to the world that there are many different ways of living, feeling and being. “When there is a will, there is a way”.

She has travelled all around the world with her kayak. USA, Italy, Sweden, Israel are some of the places where these real stories happened. Her life is a flow of helping, supporting and motivating people with disability to try kayak and the freedom they will feel once they are paddling. This book also compiles other lives without limits starring by extraordinary people that overtook their own circumstances to teach us how to face life without fear.

“The greatest thing that sea kayaking has done to me, is introduced me to so many amazing people who have inspired me to do more and taught me so much more than any course or lesson could ever do”. Carme Adell.
This book would not be possible without the cooperation and input from unconditional friends around the world as; Sorin Herschu, Jan Whitaker, Nigel Foster, Kristin Nelson, Carla Ferreira, Sandra Truccolo, Maggie Taylor, Sandra Cavallé, La abuela Trinidad, Tatiana Cappucci, Carola Von Haartaman, Daniele Scarpa, etc…
This book is to present the “canoeing for all” and especially Paracanoe, profits from its sale will be to buy Va’a.
Ja a la venda "A contra corrent" - Al costat de Marta Sarramián he publicat la nostra primera novel · la, "A Contracorriente". aquest llibre narra la història d'una dona amb grapa, que mai es rendeix i per a la qual els somnis són sempre objectius assolibles. Són unes persones que viuen al costat de la realitat, la modelen i la dominen per aconseguir els somnis.
 Marta Sarramian, escriptora tot terreny, ens explica la seva idea de negoci. No us ho perdeu. Convida a us ho perdeu!! es molt divertida.